Chrome Hotkeys

In Omnibar, press tab after a search-able website will search for the website prefix ? will search forcefully

⌘T  Open a new tab
⇧⌘T Reopen tab just closed
⌘W  colse a tab
⌘⌥→ Go to left tab
⌘[  / Delete    Go back in history
⌘]  / Delete    Go forward in history
⌘M  minimize
⇧⌘B show/hide bookmark bar
⇧⌘J Open Downloads
⌘Y  Open History
⌘L  omni bar
⌘R  reload page
⌘F  find
⌘G / ⏎  find next
⌘⌥I Inspect element
⌘⌥J JavaScript Console
⌘+Shift+D   Save all tabs in one folder
^⌘F Full screen(Mac style)
⌘-Shift-F   Real Full Screen


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