List of OpenGL online tutorials

So I started to learn OpenGL, but the red book and blue book is just too detailed. I googled around, and knew that modern OpenGL is preferred (version 3 and above), however, the old Nehe’s tutorial which is about OpenGL 1.x is still everywhere. To help beginners from digging too much into the old and deprecated way, here is a list of tutorials targeting modern OpenGL:

* [Anton’s OpenGL Tutorials](
    Great, updated frequently, but there is no source code provided. Good as a reference and starting point, but you just can’t get anything up and running with it, you can just get the concept of how to do things in OpenGL.
* [](
    not complete, but worth a view, the source code is elegant. Uses GLFW as window management
* [OpenGL Tutorial](
    Great, the code is horriable, but somehow they did make it clear about what they are doing. Uses GLFW and glm.
* [Tom Dalling’s OpenGL Tutorials](
    Great, short and covers the basics
* [Learning Modern 3D Graphics Programming](
    Great, intermediate
* [ogldev’s OpenGL Step by Step](
    Great, a little long(40 lessons), targeting linux
* [OpenGL 3 and OpenGL 4 with GLSL]( )
    only source code, no guides, eclipse needed.
* [Scratch a Pixel](
    a website about math used in Computer Graphics
* [Swiftless’s OpenGL Tutorial](
    not complete, outdated
* [OpenGL Book](
    not complete
* [Joe’s]( )
    not complete



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