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django dump to csv

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import csv
from django.db.models.loading import get_model

def dump(qs, outfile_path):
    Takes in a Django queryset and spits out a CSV file.
        >> from utils import dump2csv
        >> from dummy_app.models import *
        >> qs = DummyModel.objects.all()
        >> dump2csv.dump(qs, './data/dump.csv')
    Based on a snippet by zbyte64::
    model = qs.model
    writer = csv.writer(open(outfile_path, 'w'))
    headers = []
    for field in model._meta.fields:
    for obj in qs:
        row = []
        for field in headers:
            val = getattr(obj, field)
            if callable(val):
                val = val()
            if type(val) == unicode:
                val = val.encode("utf-8")
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