readline library

readline is widely used input lib, all the key bindings are from emacs

GNU readline key bindings

key action note
^a moves the cursor to the beginning of the line a 是第一个字母
^b moves it one position to the left b 是 back 的缩写
^c send SIGINT or KeybordInterrupt
^d send eof on empty line
^d erase next char
^e to the end e 表示 end
^f 把光标向前移动一格 f 表示 forward
^h 把光标向前删除 h 表示 histroy?
^i 自动补全, 和 tab 功能一样
^k 删除到行尾 k表示kill
^y 粘贴删除的字符 y 表示 yank
^_ undo
^p previous
^n next
^r reverse search r for reverse
^s search s for search

Using readline in python

actually the input function is just readline enabled, the missing functionality is history support



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