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developer mis-charging

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I find it a little funny how unrealistic people can be when evaluating the cost of their problem. Take this one for example: "We have hundreds of images uploaded to our app each day. The issue is some of these images have text that we want cropped out." -- willing to pay? $75/month.

Chances are this is a problem for a data-mining / AI-training platform that wants to create a better image set. They are charging clients tens of thousands of dollars, and yet willing to pay $100/month to improve the data.

On the other hand, it can also go the other way. Non-technical customers don't actually care how hard something is to build, as long as it solves their problem. So it often surprises engineers how a 1 day script can make lots of money for them.

Freelancers often make the same mistake--charging by what it costs to them, plus a little bit more. You should charge how much value it brings to the customer, not how much it costs you to make. Easy to say, hard to do.

It's just 1's and 0's, how hard can it be?


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