Sequel Pro cannot create a JSON value from a string with CHARACTER SET ‘binary’

I had this problem dealing with exports made by Sequel Pro. I unchecked the Output BLOB fields as hex option and the problem went away. Visually inspecting the export showed legible JSON instead of binary.

导出数据的时候把 “Output BLOB fields as hex” 这个选项取消就可以了。


使用 gitbook 创建一本书 这个文件相对于是一本书的目录结构。比如 :

# Summary
* [Introduction](
* [基本安装](howtouse/
   * [Node.js安装](howtouse/
   * [Gitbook安装](howtouse/
   * [Gitbook命令行速览](howtouse/
* [图书项目结构](book/
   * [ 与 SUMMARY编写](book/
   * [目录初始化](book/
* [图书输出](output/
   * [输出为静态网站](output/
   * [输出PDF](output/
* [发布](publish/
   * [发布到Github Pages](publish/
* [结束](end/


Chrome Hotkeys

In Omnibar, press tab after a search-able website will search for the website prefix ? will search forcefully

⌘T  Open a new tab
⇧⌘T Reopen tab just closed
⌘W  colse a tab
⌘⌥→ Go to left tab
⌘[  / Delete    Go back in history
⌘]  / Delete    Go forward in history
⌘M  minimize
⇧⌘B show/hide bookmark bar
⇧⌘J Open Downloads
⌘Y  Open History
⌘L  omni bar
⌘R  reload page
⌘F  find
⌘G / ⏎  find next
⌘⌥I Inspect element
⌘⌥J JavaScript Console
⌘+Shift+D   Save all tabs in one folder
^⌘F Full screen(Mac style)
⌘-Shift-F   Real Full Screen