Python and JavaScript for asyncio

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Python asyncio

how to run tasks parallelly

python uses aio.ensure_future

an async function in python is called a coroutine function, by calling it, returns a coroutine object. an async funciont in javascript is called an async function

in python, you await on a Future, in javascript, you await on a Promise

aio.Task is a Future and it wraps a coroutine aio.ensure_future(coro) wraps a coroutine in a Task/Future and returns it

aio.ensure_future and loop.create_task are almost the same, you should use aio.ensure_future

aio.gather wait and gathers the results aio.wait wait for the coroutines to finish. 1. you have to mannually collect them, 2. you can specify the behavior, not wait for all

promise and future

promise and future both represent a object that it's return value will be set in the future.


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